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Headline Management Chair


HeadLine not only provides optimal support in the lumbar zone, but also targets vulnerable areas that have previously been neglected – the shoulders, neck and head. In this way, it fulfils the ergonomic requirements of modern office work. In an upright sitting position, the head and spine are naturally
balanced. But when the sitter leans back, most conventional office chairs do not provide sufficient support, resulting in
strain and tension in the neck and shoulders.


Synchronised mechanism:

What are the benefits of this feature?

with individual
adaptation of backrest resistance. Standard
version equipped with 400-N gas spring;
also available with 600-N gas spring for greater
support (note: 600-N spring is not suited
for light users). The mechanism can be locked
in the upright sitting position. Adjustable seat
depth as a standard feature.

When to use this feature?

Sit comfortable


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