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Rail network function is a combination of Total Network Engineering (also known as infrastructure), RME, Fleet, SCS and Total Security Management.

Rail Networks primary focus is to maximise network availability through optimising maintenance and capital expenditure activities as well as providing safety and security to TFR assets and staff.


To be the world class engineering service, that is a centre of skills, expertise and best practice


Infrastructure commits to provide a cost effective Reliable, Available, Affordable and Safe network that is focused on performance efficiency to drive TFR sustainable volume growth and performance by Reducing failures/MTTR (faster reaction times and shorter repair times,) and Minimise Temporary Speed Restrictions across the network .

Availability of Capacity:

The transport of goods will be provided to the customer in terms of the categories set out in a schedule of Mega Rail, Flexi Rail,  Access Rail and Dual Route Rail as determined by Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) based on the Customer transport requirement.

The customer must provide a rolling forecast of his transport requirement on the times and dates set out in or to be set out in a schedule.

Mega Rail


megarail.png(train ran regularly- block load- priority 1)

The provision of Transport in terms of mega Rail will be on a fixed train plan and will not be changed unless advance notice is received at least 1 month prior to commencement of quarter and Transnet Freight Rail have agreed to such change. Transportation will be on fixed days and times set out or to be set out in a schedule hereto.

In terms of this category of Transport the customer guarantees to offer quarterly for Transport the tonnes of goods reflected in the customer quarterly forecast as stated in a schedule to be transported for the duration of the agreement on a “take or pay” basis that is to say the customer must pay the railage prices, charges and additional costs irrespective of whether the customer Transports goods or not.

Transnet Freight Rail will make available sufficient rail wagons to transport the Volume of Goods for the relevant quarter. The available capacity is subject to the rolling forecast to be furnished by the customer annually, quarterly, monthly and weekly. The rail wagons will be made available to the customer at the dates and times agreed for Transport on the routes as set out to be set out in a schedule.

Flexi Rail

flexirail.png(not scheduled, accommodates sudden demand for a full train)

Transnet Freight Rail shall endeavour (but without obligation) based on available capacity from time to time to provide transport to the customer.

Transnet Freight Rail will endeavour to make available to the customer the number of rail wagons required according to customer’s request.

Access Rail

Accessrail.png(Collection of wagons to make one train)

Transnet Freight Rail shall endeavour (without obligation) as and when Transnet Freight Rail has available capacity to provide rail wagons on an ad hoc basis to customer for transport of the goods.

Dual Route Rail

The supply of Rail wagons is dependent on the on loading by another party or customer’s consignee or a new consignor (collectively ‘the new consignor’) as the case may be of the customer’s rail wagon’s to be placed at the customer’s point of placing.

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