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Tetra Pak® A3/Speed iLine™

a new generation of packaging solutions

Near the top of every customer’s wish-list you will always find the desire to reduce operating costs. The iLine™ solution is designed to enhance the efficiency of current lines and, with the integration of distribution equipment, match demanding new specifications for capacity, robustness and automation.

Tetra Pak® A3/Speed iLine, the fastest packaging solution from Tetra Pak, comes in three versions: one for family packages running at 15,000 packs/hour, one for Tetra Brik® Aseptic portion packages and one for Tetra Prisma® Aseptic portion packages, both running at 24,000 packs/per hour. These high speed lines offer optimised operational costs and reliable production. 


More information on Tetra Pak A3/Flex packing lines please find here: http://www.tetrapak.com/us/documents...190en_1low.pdf.


Please also check our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-t...nhscUQXEbI8O-g.


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