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Audio dropouts when streaming via AirPlay

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As with any wireless network product, performance will be dependent on the home network equipment, how that equipment is configured, and the wireless environment your devices are operating in. The bandwidth requirements of transmitting high-quality audio mixed with other data (downloading, streaming etc.) may cause instabilities, which are out of Bowers & Wilkins control. Furthermore, temporary drops in audio may be caused by the positioning of your network equipment and devices, or interference from a device that operates on the same wireless frequency. In the first instance, try closing down all open applications/programs on the device you are streaming from (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or PC), and turn it completely off and then on again. Instructions on how to close applications on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can be found here. It may be necessary to restart your equipment to resolve this issue. If safe to do so turn your network router completely off and then on again (IMPORTANT: Switching your network router off may cause interruptions to download’s or digitally recorded television).


  • Consider the positioning of the Wireless Music System, network router and the devices you are wanting to stream from: The distances between the Wireless Music System, network router and the audio streaming devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac/PC running iTunes), should all be within recommended operating ranges. Generally speaking, the closer they are positioned together the better, minimising the distance the wireless signal needs to travel.
    If possible, try to limit the number of walls, ceilings and other obstacles between each item. It is often advisable to place the network router in a central location within the home, to ensure that the wireless signal produced by the router is evenly distributed throughout your environment.
    Positioning a wireless network router in out of the way places (such as in a cupboard or under furniture) may reduce its range. Try moving the router out into the open to see if this helps.


  • Image Wireless Music Systems operate on the same radio frequency (2.4GHz) used by some microwave ovens and cordless telephones, and if used simultaneously this could lead to interruptions in audio playback. The wireless signal can also be interrupted if you have a wireless alarm system installed. If plausible, placing the network router and Wireless Music System away from such causes of wireless interference can improve performance.
    If you have Bluetooth enabled on the device you are streaming from, try turning this off to see if this helps. As well as this, if you are streaming AirPlay from an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, try turning off the "Ask to Join Networks" option, that can be found in Settings > Wifi.
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