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Maternity Pay

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Maternity Pay 
Required Documents To claim maternity pay prior to delivery: 
• Employment and wage confirmation for maternity pay or • "Mitteilung über den Leistungsanspruch" [Information regarding entitlement to benefits] if you draw benefits according to the Unemployment Insurance Act [Arbeitslosenversicherungsgesetz,    AlVG] such as unemployment benefits [Arbeitslosengeld] or emergency welfare [Notstandshilfe], or if you receive childcare allowance [Kinderbetreuungsgeld] prior to the eight-weeks protection period • Medical certificate of the expected due date or in case of early maternity leave an exemption certificate 
To claim maternity pay after delivery: additionally • The child’s birth certificate [Geburtsurkunde] • Certificate issued by the hospital in case of a premature, multiple or caesarean birth Responsible Authority Your health insurance company [Krankenversicherungsträger] 


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