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Duty of Notification of Pregnancy

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Duty of Notification and Providing Proof of Pregnancy If an employee becomes pregnant, both the employee and the employer are required to notify relevant persons and provide medical proof of the pregnancy: The employee must 
• Immediately inform her employer about her pregnancy and the expected due date as soon as she finds out that she is pregnant • Provide her employer with medical proof of her pregnancy and the presumed delivery date upon request • Alert her employer to the start of her maternity leave [Schutzfrist] during the fourth week prior to its start • Inform her employer in the event that the pregnancy is terminated prematurely The employer must 
• In the event of an employee becoming pregnant, notify (in writing) the respective Labour Affairs Office [Arbeitsinspektorat] of the pregnancy and provide the following information about the future mother: o name o age o job o place of work o presumed delivery date • Hand out a copy of the notification sent to the Labour Affairs Office [Arbeitsinspektorat] • Inform the head of the company’s medical unit (if one exists) accordingly, • Issue a work and remuneration confirmation [Arbeits-    und    Entgeltbestätigung] so that the employee can claim maternity pay [Wochengeld]. In addition, personnel leasing firms must notify the responsible Labour Affairs Office [Arbeitsinspektorat] if a pregnant employee’s employer should change or if she changes jobs frequently and at short notice. 


To resolve the issue, follow the steps in this section.

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