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Ineos Styrolution Styroflex 2G66 is a styrene-butadiene block copolymer (SBC) with the properties of a thermoplastic elastomer (S-TPE) suitable for extrusion (blown and cast film) and for injection molding. Styroflex® 2G66 is also used for polymers modification and compatibilization. It is more polar than comparable SBS or SEBS grades and offers a combination of high resilience and toughness with good transparency and process stability.

Key Features 


  • Excellent thermostability
  • Very high elongation at break
  • High resilience
  • High transparency
  • Regulatory compliant

Properties of Styroflex 2G66 


Property, Test Condition Standard Unit Values
Rheological Properties
Melt Volume Rate, 200 °C/5 kg ISO 1133 cm³/10 min 13
Mechanical Properties
Charpy Notched Impact Strength, 23° C ISO 179 kJ/m² No Break
Charpy Notched Impact Strength, -30 °C ISO 179 kJ/m² 2
Charpy Unnotched, 23 °C ISO 179 kJ/m² No Break
Charpy Unnotched, -30 °C ISO 179 kJ/m² No Break
Tensile Stress at Yield, 23 °C ISO 527 MPa 4
Tensile Strain at Yield, 23 °C ISO 527 % 5
Tensile Modulus ISO 527 MPa 120
Nominal Strain at Break, 23 °C ISO 527 % >500
Elongation at Break (MD) ISO 527 % >500


Styroflex 2G66 Video Demonstration 




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