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How to Pay your Bill through Alexa and the Amazon Echo

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Amazon Alexa App Basics

Learn how to use the Alexa app on your mobile device or computer.

Home Screen
The Home screen shows your activity with Alexa. Scroll through the "Cards" on the Home screen to see descriptions of your recent requests and other features (such as the option to provide feedback or remove the card).

Left Navigation Panel
Select the Menu   icon in the Alexa app to open the left navigation panel. This allows you to access several Alexa features and settings on your device.

Note: When you view the Alexa app on your computer, the left navigation panel is already open.

Menu Option Description
Home View your recent interactions with Alexa.
Now Playing View and control tracks playing on your device, show upcoming tracks in the queue, and view your history.
Music & Books Find songs, stations, shows, Kindle books, and audiobooks to listen to on your Alexa device.
Shopping & To-do Lists View and manage your shopping and to-do lists.
Timers & Alarms View and manage timers and alarms.
Skills Find and turn on skills that add various voice-driven capabilities to your Alexa device.
Smart Home Manage smart home devices linked to Alexa.
Things to Try View a list of example phrases you can say to Alexa.
Settings Set up your new Alexa device, train Alexa to understand your speech patterns, and adjust various Alexa device settings.
Help & Feedback Find detailed help for your Alexa device and submit feedback about your experience with Alexa.
Not [NAME]? Sign out Sign out of the Alexa app on your device.

You can only sign out of the Alexa app on Android, iOS, and web browsers.
Android: When you sign out of the Alexa app, you automatically log out from most other Amazon apps (such as the Kindle app) installed on your device. To learn more, go to About the Effects of Signing Out from Amazon Apps.

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