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Travel and Expenses Policy


This document provides the policy and establishes procedures for employees or third parties such as Contractors, Consultants and Journalists (for the purpose of the document referred to collectively as "Travellers"), travelling or incurring business expenses on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover.


  • Travellers travelling on company business must be safe, productive and comfortable.
  • We take advantage of the combined "buying power" through negotiated discounts with airlines, rental car companies and hotels.
  • All Travellers must exercise sound business judgment to control spending on each trip.
  • If you are travelling on Company business, you should ensure the journey is necessary and undertaken at least cost to the Company.

Responsibility and Enforcement

Travellers who do not comply with this travel policy may be subject to:

  • Delay in reimbursement

  • Withholding of reimbursement, and/or disciplinary action up to and including dismissal


As Jaguar Land Rover is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, all alternatives to travel (e.g. Audio, Web meeting, and TelePresence suites) should be investigated prior to making travel arrangements.

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