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Leave Request - Guide

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The Leave Request ESS Service allows employees to request absences, send these requests to their manager, and have this information update the HR system automatically.

It is the employee's responsibility to send the request to the correct manager for approval.

Please Note: ESS supports Single-Sign-On. Please ensure you are using SSO. If you still have problems accessing the Leave Request services, please create a ticket.


Years of Employment Days Earned per Month/PayPeriod Vacation Days

0-3 1.2500 per month/.6250 per pay period 15

3-5 1.6668 per month/.8334 per pay period 20

 5-10 1.9168 per month/.9584 per pay period 23

10 or more 2.0833 per month/1.0416 per pay period 25*


*Employees begin to accrue at the higher rate in the pay period in which their 3rd, 5th or 10th anniversaries occur



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