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Internet Speed Issues

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Having issues with my internet speed after subscription

What speeds do I expect after using up the bundles?


You will be able to enjoy different speeds depending on the bundle bought.  The Safaricom Fibre cureent speeds are available on
A number of factors can affect speeds negatively ,some of which include the following;

  • Software and applications used for uploading and/or downloading files (such as Peer to Peer file sharing applications e.g. Torrent clients ) which demand significantly huge amounts of bandwidth
  • Spamming, virus activities, spywares and/or malwares residing in your devices
  • Fair Usage Policy- The Service is designed as a shared service and as such customers' activities will have an impact on other users using and sharing the same network. To ensure fairness and a good user experience for all Safaricom subscribers, Safaricom will implement a Fair Usage Policy
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