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SES-8 Satellite connection

logo.png Overview of Satellite SES-8

The SES-8 satellite was designed and manufactured by Orbital Sciences in the USA.

Satellite description

SES-8 is a geostationary communication satellite operated by SES. SES-8 was successfully launched on SpaceXFalcon 9 v1.1 on 3 December 2013, 22:41 UTC.[2]

It was the first flight of any SpaceX launch vehicle to a supersynchronous transfer orbit,[3] an orbit with a somewhat larger apogee than the more usual Geostationary transfer orbit (GTO) typically utilized for communication satellites.[

Satellite specifications

  • Payload mass: 3,200 kilograms (7,100 lb)[5][6]
  • Electrical power: 5 kW, using Gallium Arsenide solar panels, and two 4,850 watt-hours (17,500 kJ) lithium ionstorage batteries[5][6]
  • Battery backup: 4800 Watt-hour lithium-ion battery[5]
  • Service life: 15 years[5][6]


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