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Landing Gear Defect

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Defect detection in Ferromagnetic Aircraft part using hybrid EMAT and Eddy Current Sensor


Non destructive testing is useful in aerospace industries for maintenance of aircraft parts, such as corrosion, material failure and crack detection in parts that are subjected to intense stress like the wing and landing gear. It is an economical way of performing aircraft inspections. In this case the Nigerian Air force has built its first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and is deciding the best possible methods of NDT for the maintenance of the vehicle. The most common form of NDT is visual inspection, however in many situations resources has to be made up of special technique and instruments such as eddy current, magnetic particle inspection, radiography , ultrasonic and EMAT. In this work a finite element analysis of an Electromagnetic acoustic transducer and Eddy Current is presented on testing the aircraft steel landing gear. EMAT is an emerging technology that provides a non contact process of testing materials compared to conventional ultrasonic sensors that requires a coupling medium. The acoustic properties of the material are investigated, which involves the coupling of several physical parameters, which includes mechanical and electromagnetic properties. An investigation of defect detection in the aircraft steel material is conducted. Keyword; EMAT, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Aerospace , Steel Grade 300M

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