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Harding 360 Service

Harding 360 is an all-inclusive service plan that covers Inspections, Service and all Spare parts for your Life Saving Equipment at reduced fixed annual rate – worldwide.


Traditionally, manufacturers of maritime lifesaving appliances have provided a limited guarantee for new safety equipment, typically ranging from six to 12 months. After this period vessel owners and operators can often be confronted with high and unpredictable costs as a result of regulatory inspections, service hours, travels, spare parts and other unforeseen costs. With Harding 360 we offer a solution that both reduces LSA life-cycle costs and makes them predictable – year over year.
By focusing on the needs of Ship Owners, Superintendents and Fleet Managers Harding has reinvented the service offering by focusing on life-cycle costs whilst increasing safety, predictability and reliability. Harding 360 offer all this at reduced fixed rate regardless of port of call - A true game changer within LSA servicing. 
Harding 360 covers all working and travel hours, spare-parts, reporting, certificates – but can also include crew training, active product monitoring and ensure regulatory compliance – basically covering all expenditure (foreseen and unforeseen) related to owning maintaining safety equipment. Through one contract and a single contact Harding has significantly reduced the lead time, connecting your vessels directly to our pro-active service coordinators. We call for service, we come to service.

Clients can choose from a range of packages, varying from basic regulatory compliance to an all-inclusive package that covers all servicing, parts and training. Furthermore a choice of ports is offered from major key-ports to truely global coverage. Clients can switch package and vessels at any given time to accommodate any changes to their fleet.


A Multi-Brand Extended Warranty

Harding 360 is not limited to Harding equipment and all vessels can be added – regardless of age. Harding 360 wraps seamlessly around any factory warranty, ensuring that crew and investment are safeguarded - whenever – wherever – for the long journey ahead.

To learn more about Harding 360 please feel free to contact us via or +47 5348 3600 and we will guide you to a local contact to discuss any questions you may have.

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