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Scanner - Main functions

Main functions of your Scanner 

The Scanner is simple to use. Just respond to the on-screen messages with the 
keypad, navigate with the arrow keys and press the Green key for ‘YES’ and the Red 
key for ‘NO’. After the Welcome screen, you’ll then see the main menu, with seven 
main options. Here’s a guide to those options. 
1 Purchases. Select to start scanning your shopping. 
2 Vacation (Holiday Mode). It’s important to enter the dates you will be away on 
3 Survey. When prompted, use this menu to answer Homescan surveys through 
your scanner. 
4 Practice. Use only if you wish to practice using your scanner – any items scanned 
will not be recorded in the scanners memory. 
5 Manual Poll. Your scanning information will automatically send to Nielsen each 
week, however if you receive a “send failed” message, or are contacted by the 
helpline, use this menu to manually send your scanning to Nielsen. 
6 Messages (Message Mode). Read your weekly message. If you do not receive 
your weekly message, your scanner may not have connected correctly – please 
contact the helpline. 

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