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How to scan a barcode?

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How to scan a barcode?

Point the head of the Scanner at the barcode 
on the packet. Keep the Scanner’s Yellow 
key pressed. Hold the Red beam about 7 
to 10 cms away from the barcode and 
ensure it covers the width of the barcode. 
When the Scanner has worked, you’ll hear a 
short beep. The Scanner display screen will 
now show the barcode in numbers. 
If, after several attempts, the barcode has 
not registered, please insert the code 
manually by entering the numbers from 
under the barcode. Please do not take 
spaces into account. 
If you make a mistake when entering the numbers, press the ‘BS’ Key to delete these 
numbers. You’ll hear a beep and you can then insert the correct code. Any crumpled 
or unreadable barcodes can be scanned if you vary the distance at which you are 
holding the Scanner. 
Please remember to always keep the till receipt for your purchases, for scanning 
purposes. To practise scanning barcodes, please choose item 4 (‘Training Mode’) 
from your Scanner’s main menu. 
It’s very important that you tell us from which store, or type of outlet, you buy your 
shopping. You’ll be asked to choose a store or outlet from a list in the Scanner 

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