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Slot Machine broken

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Tutorials and guides on how slot machines work, what commonly goes wrong with slot machines and how you can repair a slot machine yourself. All the top slot machine and  issues you will find in this section.

The tutorials and guides are designed to help you to diagnose the problem with your slotmachine and give insight into the diagnostic procedure.

Slot Machine issue

We often get calls about slots and slot dryers bouncing all over the place especially in newer properties.

There really is little mystery in this bar the fact that customers virtually always assume that the problem is caused by the appliance itself when it is generally not that appliance that is at fault at all. Again much of the reasons for an appliance bouncing or producing excessive vibration comes down to the cost of the appliance with regard to its construction and, on occasion, the installation itself.

If the appliance is vibrating abnormally directly upon installation then first of all check that any transit straps or bolts have been properly and completely removed, failure to do this correctly upon installation can cause untold damage to the machine and, in extreme, cases may render it unrepairable. Bear in mind that if you have not followed the installation instructions properly then the manufacturer's warranty may well not cover this damage and they could charge you for the service call as well as any spares required.

That is almost the only thing that can in fact cause vibration problems on a new appliance upon installation that is related to the machine itself. That said there are some things that can produce the same effect and is a design failure, for example Smeg have had issues with some of their appliances where they have been installed on a wooden floor and there is a modification kit in an attempt to resolve the issue and LG have a dampening kit specifically designed to tackle wooden flooring problems.


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