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I think my gas bill or statement is inaccurate as I am making the usual monthly payment, what can I do?


First, check to see whether we have estimated your consumption - this is indicated in the lighnpower-electric-bill-sample.jpgt blue box that states:

'Your usage has been calculated using ESTIMATED meter readings.'

The reading shown on your bill will also have the word “ESTIMATE” printed underneath it.

If your bill has been estimated, please contact us with your own meter reading so that we can update your account with your actual usage. Visit our meter reading page to send us a reading.



You can also send us a meter reading with our automated phone service on 0800 028 4361.

 If your account is not based on an estimated reading, or if you have any general queries about the accuracy of your bill, please contact the customer services number on your bill or visit our „contact us“ page

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