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Wind power solutions for offshore, onshore, and service projects

We believe that sustainable investments are powered by partnerships. Our employees work closely with you to optimize your solution and achieve the best long-term returns.

Your sustainable wind power solution – powered by partnership

At Siemens, we see the world from the perspective of our customers: The solutions we provide are driven by the benefits they deliver. Whether through the invention of a new technology, the evolution of an existing product, or simply finding a smarter way of working, we strive to maximize your return while leading the industry in delivering a lower cost of energy for everyone.


Helping the world go green

With an experience of more than 30 years in onshore wind power business and more than 20 years in offshore we are one of the world’s market leaders. Nearly 13,000 wind turbines around the globe with a total capacity of 21 GW help to provide the world with clean, renewable energy.

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