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How To Add A Payment Extension

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Payment Extension are useful for customers that need additional time to pay their outstanding and collectible utility balances.

A Payment Extension:

  • Will exempt a customer from further Collection Activity while the Dunning Lock is active
  • Is a very simple way to make a basic payment arrangement with a customer
  • Only exempts the Open Items included in the lock

A Payment Extension will not:

  • Restart Collection Activity
  • Split the outstanding balance over multiple payments

~~ Important ~~

Once the Lock expires, the Open Items will become eligible for Collection Activity if not Paid and Collection Activity will pick up where it left off.


To add a Payment Extension, do the following:

  1. From the Ticket, Click on the Financials facet
  2. Expand the Contract Account in the OPEN ITEMS view to see Open Items
  3. Select the Open Item(s) to be included in the Payment Extension
  4. Click the Actions button and select Document Locks
  5. Select Lock Type of ’01 Dunning’
  6. Select Lock Reason of ‘A 10 Day Hold’
  7. Click Save





You have successfully added a Payment Extension.

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