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Gas Meter Location



This document outlines the steps to identify the best location for your new gas meter.

You may have decided on a preferred position for your gas meter, but not all positions are acceptable. This is due to a large number of health and safety regulations which are extremely important to consider. The new meter position cannot be located more than 2 metres from the front of the property.

Consideration should be given to the position of any manhole covers or drains under this position and along the proposed route of the service pipe. If National Grid considers your requested location unsuitable, we will contact you to discuss an alternative.

The siting and installation of gas meters shall comply with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994 and BS6400:1997 – Specification for Installation of Domestic Gas Meters.

Meter Location Should Not Be:

In close proximity to any source of heat, or where it may be subjected to extremes of temperature. The meter should not be sited within 300mm of the flue pipe from any gas appliances. Boiler rooms should be avoided. Where food is stored. In bathrooms. Where it might be liable to damage or cause an obstruction. Where it might be affected by a corrosive atmosphere or liquid, such as directly under a sink. Under stairways, in a common passageway or other part of the building forming the only means of escape in case of fire. The siting of the meter must be such that it does not constitute a danger to any persons. The meter must not be located where it will be in contact with cement or a floor that may be frequently wet. The meter must be no closer than 150mm to an electricity meter. In a purpose-made meter box outside the building. In a purpose-made meter compartment outside or inside the building. A meter compartment shall be of sufficient size to accommodate the meter and its controls and provide adequate ventilation. In a garage or suitable outbuilding. Inside the building (backing onto an outside wall). At the boundary of the property, in a suitable enclosure. The meter must be sited as near as practicable to where the service pipe enters the building or outbuilding. The location must allow easy access for inspection, reading of the index, operation of the emergency control valve, adjustment of the governor, servicing and replacement.


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