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SureColor F9370 Troubleshooting


Epson SureColor F9370 Dye-sublimation Inkjet Printer
High-speed, reliable productivity for digital dye-sublimation transfers.


Nothing Prints

If you have sent a print job and nothing prints, try these solutions:

• Make sure your printer is turned on.

• Make sure any interface cables are connected securely at both ends. If you have a spare cable, try  connecting with the spare cable.

• Check the model and specifications of the interface cable to see if the cable is appropriate for your  computer and printer.

• If you connected your printer to a USB hub, make sure it is a first-tier hub. If it still does not print,  connect yourprinterdirectlytoyourcomputer instead of the hub.

• MakesuretheUSBhubisrecognizedcorrectlyonthecomputer.DisconnectallUSBhubsfromthe computerandconnecttheprinterdirectlytothecomputer'sUSBport.

• Make sure the USBcablelengthdoesnotexceed10feet(3m).


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