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Feeding your labrador a raw diet: practical considerations

Feeding a dog on a raw diet can be an anxious time to begin with.

This article focuses on the day to day practicalities of raw feeding.

What are suitable foods?

Many people that feed raw rely heavily on chicken backs and wings.  This is understandable as chicken is readily available to all of us.  Rabbit is a great alternative to chicken if you can get it. Fresh fish are excellent.  And because you can feed the whole animal, including skin, eyes etc.,  your dog gets to eat a wide range of nutrients.  Tripe is another popular staple though it should not be relied upon entirely as it lacks bone.   And raw fed dogs need a good quantity of bone to be healthy. If you feed green tripe (which contains semi-digested vegetable matter)  a couple of times a week,  you don’t need to worry about liquidising vegetables for your dog.  Other suitable foods for your dog are eggs,  turkey, ribs of larger mammals  (lamb, beef, venison, or pork),  some organ meats (heart  and lungs)  in moderation are also good.  But avoid liver in any but tiny quantities as it gives most dogs diarhorrea. Some household scraps can be added provided these don’t amount to more than 20% or so of the dog’s total food intake,  and provided nothing ‘toxic to dogs’  is included

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