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Dixons Troubleshooting Internet Connection Problems

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Wired internet connection problems - Diagnosing the problem

First things first - turn your modem/router off for a few minutes and then power it back on again. Don't assume that this step is too obvious to prove effective; this simple move solves most internet connection problems and should be your first attempt at getting back online.

Not sure what your 'router' is? It's the black box with flashing lights - see below - which manages your internet connection (wired or wireless). It's also worth contacting your network provider to make sure that the service isn't down (in other words, that it hasn't stopped working) in your locality.

black mini router

If the issue persists, try the following:

Check the network status

  • Look in the bottom right hand corner of your screen next to the date & time for the wireless
  • Place your cursor over this icon and you will be given a status such as:
    • Internet access or local and internet (this means you are connected and have access to the internet)
    • Local access or local only (you are connected to the modem/router but there is no internet access)
    • Not connected or red X on the wireless icon (no networks detected or wireless is disabled)
    • Limited access or Limited connectivity (There is a connectivity issue)
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