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Clean Barco medical displays - MDCC-6430

How to properly clean Barco medical displays


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This KB explains, how to properly clean Barco medical displays.

Front glass


Before cleaning the front glass, unplug the power cable from the mains to prevent the keys from being activated inadvertently by sweeping over them.

Clean the front glass using a sponge, cleaning cloth or soft tissue, lightly moistened with one of the following tested products:

• Flux

• Pril

• Windex Glass Plus

• Ajax glass cleaner

• Bohle glass cleaner

• Sidolin glass cleaner

• Mr. Proper

• 25% ethanol solution (EtOH)

In case none of the above cleaning products is available, use plain water. 


Take care not to damage or scratch the front glass. Be careful with rings or other jewelry and do not apply excessive pressure on the front glass.


Do not apply or spray liquid directly to the front glass as the excess liquid may cause damage to internal electronics. Instead, apply the liquid to the cleaning cloth.


Do not use following products:

• Alcohol/solvents at higher concentration > 5%

• Strong alkalis lye, strong solvents

• Acid

• Detergents with fluoride

• Detergents with ammonia

• Detergents with abrasives

• Steel wool

• Sponge with abrasives

• Steel blades

• Cloth with steel thread

First Step

Clean the cabinet using a soft cotton cloth, lightly moistened with a recognized cleaning product for medical equipment.

The cabinet has been tested for resistance to the following products:

• Cidex, Betadine

• Alcohol (Isopropyl and Ethyl)

• Ammonia-based cleaners (Windex)

• Aquasonic Gel

Second Step

Repeat with water only.

Wipe dry with a dry cloth.

What's Next

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