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NicoDerm CQ Guide

How to use NicoDerm CQ

Like any medicine, for NicoDerm CQ to work you have to use it; and, not surprisingly, it works better if you use it properly. Be sure to follow the steps below to make sure you’re using the NicoDerm CQ patch the way it was intended – as an effective way to Double Your Chances of Quitting.*

* Doubles your chances of quitting vs. placebo. Use as directed. Behavioral support program increases chances of success. Many people require several quit attempts to stop smoking. This product is part of an 8 or 10  week program.

To begin, choose where to start

Since different smokers are used to different levels of nicotine, NicoDerm® CQ® comes in two starting strengths. Depending on how many cigarettes you smoke each day, you’ll start at either Step 1 or Step 2.

Nicoderm CQ Step 1

Nicoderm CQ Step 2


Be sure to apply daily

Start using the patch on the day you plan to quit. Remove the backing from the patch and immediately press the sticky side onto skin that is dry, clean and hairless. Hold for 10 seconds.

A new patch should be applied to a different skin site at the same time each day, which will help you remember when to put on a new one. Do not leave the same patch on for more than 24 hours as it may irritate your skin and lose strength.


Patch not sticking?

The adhesive and release liner is designed to make the patch stick and supply nicotine right from the start, but if you are having trouble, here are some helpful tips to make sure your patch stays on.

Before use, thoroughly clean and dry the application site to remove any moisturizers or moisturizing soap

Check your soap to see if lanolin or moisturizers are listed ingredients, as these may cause the patch to lose some adhesive properties. If so, use a different soap for the duration of the program

Body creams, sunscreens and lotions can also cause problems with keeping your patch on. Do not apply creams or lotions to the application site

Make sure to apply the patch to an area of your body that incurs minimal perspiration throughout the day

When applying to the skin, hold the patch down for the full 10 seconds. The applied pressure will help the patch adhere to the skin securely

If you have followed the directions and the patch still does not stick, try using medical adhesive tape over the patch

Step down as you progress

No matter if you start with Step 1 or Step 2, you will gradually step down to a lower dose as you go along in your quit program.



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