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Medium Portable Compressor - Maintenance Guide

XATS_327_portable_compressor_drilling_ac0065968_192.jpg About your portable compressor  medium (275-784 cfm / 7-22  m³/min)

Designed for blasting, small drilling and general construction applications, these versatile compressors’ offer users a winning combination. Small in size but big in performance, these models are designed to consume less fuel and perform in an efficient, versatile way – resulting in higher productivity.


Easy to maneuver & transport - thanks to its relatively small size, the range can be towed behind a car and is easy to maneuver both on and off site.

Full shift fuel autonomy - Being compliant with the stated emission regulations, this range is specially designed to run a full shift without the need to refuel.

Easy to operate - the controller is designed to ensure an easy operation of the units, taking away all operational barriers.

Fits your needs - specifically build to perform optimally in the applications it is intended for.

How-to use your portable compressor medium

Maintenance advises for the filters of your portable compressor



Air filter :

  • Separation efficiency > 99.9% protects the compression element.
  • Absolute impermeability for perfect extraction of dust particles, increasing oil filter, air oil separator and oil lifetimes.
  • Minimum pressure drop for optimum compressor output.
  • High quality of the filter media and seals guarantees 100% of the air is filtered.
  • High resistance against humidity for long longevity, even in the most demanding environments.

Compressor air filter:

  • High performance paper.
    - Resistant to synthetic compressor oil.
    - Temperature resistant.
    - High filter fineness.
  • Corrosion resistant material maximizes the lifetime of your compressor oil.
  • High dirt-holding capacity extends service intervals while protecting the compression element.
  • Uniform paper pleat spacing.
    - Most effective filtering area.
    - Strong mechanical resistance to pressure fluctuations.
  • Built to withstand high operating pressures for increased safety Bypass valve.
  • Guarantees continuous oil flow to the compression element under cold start conditions or when the filter is clogged, thus protecting your equipment.

Engine oil filter:

  • High performance paper.
    - resistant to synthetic compressor oil.
    - high filter fineness.
    - temperature resistant.
  • Bypass valve to guarantee continuous oil flow under cold start conditions or when the filter is clogged.
  • Corrosion resistant material corrosion reduces drastically the life time of the compressor oil.
  • High dirt holding capacity service life up to 1000 Hrs.
  • Build to withstand high operating pressures.
  • Uniform paper pleat spacing.
    - most effective filtering area.
    - high mechanical strength of the paper to withstand pressure fluctuations.
    - high performance paper.

Fuel Filter:

  • High dirt holding capacity protects the fuel system.
  • Water separation for optimum engine power output.
  • Corrosion resistant material for high longevity.
  • Special rubber seals preventing fuel leaks.
  • Elastic bonded joints prevent leaks caused by vibrations and pressure.
  • High stability of paper pleats for effective filtering area and mechanical resistance against pressure fluctuations

Oil separator filter:

  • High separation efficiency for low oil consumption and high compressed air quality.
  • Metallic parts electrically interconnected preventing electrostatic discharges, thus reducing the risk of internal fires.
  • High mechanical strength for higher longevity.
  • Corrosion resistant material to avoid oil degradation.
  • Low pressure drop for reduced fuel consumption.



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