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BOMAG articulated tandem rollers - how-to


BOMAG BW 135 and BW 138 – these new multi-talented models are designed to impress with low

operating costs, impressive performance and superb operator comfort. Featuring the BOMAG

ECONOMIZER continuous compaction control system, this is the new generation of modern, powerful

rollers from the world‘s market leader in compaction technology

Security, Control and Operating Efficiency

Efficiency 2.0 - Your machine is only a mouse click away!

BOMAG means Efficiency : BOMAG TELEMATIC monitors and manages your fleet. You know where your machines are, how they are being utilised and when the next service is due. Alarms are automatic. And recorded data allows tracking.

BOMAG TELEMATIC provides Security, Control and Operating Efficiency on-line.

BOMAG TELEMATIC is an online link to your machine. You can check location, data and summarized reports for your machines from any computer with internet access.

What data is available?
BOMAG TELEMATIC is available in two versions:

The base package offers these functions:


  • Location tracking
  • Geo-fence (alarm is triggered when unit exits specified limits)
  • Standing Time monitoring (alarm is triggered if unit is operated outside specified times)
  • Record of operated hours
  • Planning of service and maintenance

BOMAG TELEMATIC START is an option available on many self-propelled BOMAG rollers – and BOMAG TELEMATIC START is also suitable for machines by other manufacturers - allowing you to easily manage mixed fleets.

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