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PURAVITA and Fibres

puravita.png  What is Puravita?

Puravita is part of a  range of bakery goods that helps consumers to manage their healthy lifestyle.Feature

All Puravita breads are

  • Rich in fibres
  • Limited in salt amount
  • Reduced in fat and/or sugar if it concerns rich bakery products
  • Supported by communication based on nutritional facts
  • With a taste approved by sensorial analysis with consumers

Customer advantages

  • Easy to use by artisan and industrial bakers
  • Complete concepts: supported by studies, with approved legal claims, information to include on retail packaging
  • Helps to position yourself as a specialist in healthy bakery products
  • Continuously renewed range and increasing well-known brand


Not convinced? Look at this video from taste tomorrow.

Fibres rule!

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