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How To Get Your PUK Code


A PUK or 'Personal Unlocking Key' is a security feature on most mobile devices that protects your SIM card data. A PUK code is required when a SIM Card PIN code has been entered incorrectly.You can get your PUK code:

Using your PC: via My Account
Using another phone: via a Call
Unlocking a SIM card with a PUK differs from 'Network Unlocking' which allows a mobile device to be used with other mobile networks.

If your IMEI number and device has been blocked due to a lost stolen / scenario please see this article instead for details.

Get Your PUK Using Another Phone

  1. Have a pen and some paper handy
  2. Dial 133 937 from an alternate phone
  3. Select Option 1 - Mobile
  4. Enter your Mobile number & your 4 digit Monarch Privacy PIN (if known)

If you don't know your PIN, just hold the line for these further options.

  1. Select Option 2 - Technical Support
  2. Select Option 3 - Retrieve your PUK code
  3. Enter your date of birth (if requested)
  4. After a brief moment, your PUK code will be read out to you, then repeated
  5. Enter your PUK code into your handset


Enter Your PUK Code

  1. Enter the PUK code into your mobile device
  2. Enter a new PIN into your device
  3. Verify your new PIN
  4. Your device should now be unblocked

If you experience difficulty entering your PUK, consult your user manual or contact us.

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