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How To Change Your Fixed-Line Plan


We've got a great range of Home/Office Phone plans to suit your needs and budget. To find out what's available, click a button or checkout a topic below

How Do I Switch To A 'My Home' OR 'My Office' Plan

If you're on an older Monarch Communications Fixed Phone plan, call us to switch over. If you want to add or get a new Monarch service, click the blue button below.


How Long Will It Take

Your request will take affect from your next monthly bill.


Are These Plans Available to All Customers

These plans are available to Personal or Small Business customers connected to the Monarch Cable. If you're unsure, simply give us a call on 133 937 and we'll take you through the options available to you.


Can I Change To These Plans Even If I Am Still On A Contract

Yes! You can change from an older plan to a contracted 'My Home' or 'My Office' plan without a fee or having to extend your existing contract. If you're no longer on contract, you have the option to recontract or simply switch to a new month-to-month option. It's up to you.


What Happens If I Move

We've gotten rid of standard relocation fees and new number fees for Personal & Small Business customers on our Monarch Cable, so if you relocate with us there are no additional charges, no changes to your plan or any impact to any existing contract you may have!


Can I Change Back To My Previous Plan

You can only change to plans that are currently available. If you've changed from a plan that is no longer available then you will not be able to return to your old plan.


Want to Chang Your Fixed Broadband Plan As Well

Check out the bundle links at the top of this article or click here for more information.

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