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As a parent, you want to do the very best for your little one. And one of the best things you can do is guide him on the road to good nutrition and healthy development. But how do you know you’re making the right decisions? For moms throughout the United States, the answer is the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ Nutrition System—a trusted resource you can rely on to help you choose what’s best for your child’s nutrition.

Nestlé’s acquisition of Gerber in September 2007 brought together two of the world’s leading experts in early childhood nutrition. And it gave us the opportunity to focus our leadership on one of America’s major challenges: filling the nutrition gaps and improving the poor eating habits of infants and young children.

Start Healthy, Stay Healthy is our response to this challenge. The Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Nutrition System is an innovative approach which helps you choose the right nutrition for your baby based on his stage of development. Only Gerber offers a unique stage-based system with products, and feeding and nutrition guidance to support healthy growth and development and encourage healthy eating for your child from birth to 4 years.


Learn more about the mission of Start Healthy, Stay Healthy: Our unwavering commitment to nourish a healthier generation, one baby at a time.


Nestlé and Gerber combine long, rich histories of supporting the healthy growth and development of infants and toddlers.

Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Resources

Nutrition guidance … science-based, age-appropriate foods … practical, easy-to-use interactive Web tools … Menu Planners tailored to your child’s stage of development … 24/7 nutrition experts … on-package Milestone Symbols™ and Benefit Bands™ … in-store childhood nutrition education. These are the building blocks of our Start Healthy, Stay Healthy system.

Safety & Research

Nestlé uses only high-quality ingredients and employs strict safety standards. So you can feel confident that Start Healthy, Stay Healthy supports our common goal: your child’s healthy growth and development.

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