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How can I reduce my water bill ?

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Water bills are one of the bigger costs of running a home – and getting bigger all the time. Most homeowners think there is little that can be done to cut their water bills, but there are some practical things you can do

Should I switch from rates to metered?

Most water bills in the UK are dependant on ‘rates’. If you are on rates you pay a set monthly amount that is dependent on the value of your home, and is the same regardless of how much water you use. But switching to a metered supply can have some advantages:

  • You pay only for the amount of water you actually use
  • If you then cut the amount you use, you can cut your bills. Getting a meter often encourages people to start conserving water
  • Meters are fitted free of charge by water companies, yet only 40% of households have them. If you do end up paying more, you can switch back to rates within 12 months
  • As a general rule, if there are more bedrooms than people in your household having a meter will work out cheaper than rates. For example, if your kids have left home and you have spare bedrooms
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