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BAM - Bradford College

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BAM is pleased to be delivering the £35m City Centre campus re-development for Bradford College



The new Bradford College City Centre Campus re-development is an exciting new project that replaces some of the College’s existing buildings and brings many of the faculties together in one, state-of-the-art, centralised site. It is business as usual for the college while we construct the new buildings and facilities.Once the building has been completed, the adjacent Westbrook and Kent buildings w...ill be demolished with landscaping and car parking facilities being formed in their place.


Project Manager: Jason Pink
Senior Project Surveyor: Dominic Makohin
Assistant Project Surveyor: Luke Oldroyd
Assistant Site Manager: Daniel Miller
Senior Site Manager: Jonathan Conway
Structures Project Manager: Tim Hampshire
Senior Services Engineer: Peter Childe
Planner: Steve Thewlis
Senior Design Manager: Tony Fitzgerald
Design Manager: Steve Waugh
Administrator: Janice Wood



The new campus buildings will be completed by Summer 2014 with demolition of the existing buildings and external landscaping completed in early 2015.


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