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Wallbox Charger Installation

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The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox with fixed charging cable is a charging station for private or commercial use at home or at a place of work. It allows fast, safe and convenient charging of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. With a charging capacity of up to 11 kW, your vehicle can be charged much faster and more conveniently than at a standard domestic power outlet. The extensive safety features of the Wallbox ensure reliable charging of your Mercedes-Benz passenger car as well. The fixed charging cable has a length of approx. 6 m. 

- Integrated DC residual current Monitor
- Temperature management to prevent overheating
- Degree of protection IP54
- Charging cable lock: integrated locking mechanism ensures that charging cable cannot be pulled out during the charging process and that current will only flow if the vehicle is correctly connected to the Wallbox
- Usage: Approved for outdoor and indoor use
- Wallbox can be adjusted to available current
- Integral LED lights and intuitive icons indicate Wallbox status (power/charge status/fault)
- Improved cable management with locking of charging plug in parking bay
- Cable length approx. 6 m
- Access authorisation controlled via key Switch
- Charging capacity of up to 11 kW/3-phase, 230 V/400 V, 16 A

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