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Marking And Coding - Is TTO Coding Technology The Right For You?

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If you're in the mechanical engineering or food industry, you may be curious about TTO (thermal transfer overprinter) coding technologies, and whether it is the best marking system for your needs.  A great solution for those who print continuously or intermittently on flexible packaging such as pouches, bags, flow-wrappers, tray seals or labels, TTO coding has come a long way over the years, and for many, offers many advantages over hot stamp printing and other coding technologies.


Thermal transfer overprinters provide high speed operation, particularly on flexible pouches and films, when used in continuous mode.  Because this type of printing is self-aligning and offers a wide array of high quality thermal transfer ribbons for near edge and flat printheads, you never have to worry about adjusting or "tweaking" brackets for even printing.  


Keeping costs down is a concern for many manufacturers, and because TTO offers precise ribbon feed control and uses a minimum of thermal ribbon per print, the cost of consumables is kept low.  Our SmartDate Series include multiple ribbon saving features, so you enjoy savings without sacrificing print quality.


Hot stamp and roller coders were traditionally used for flexible packaging, film, or labels; however, TTO is a highly advanced digital technology that produces high resolution codes on packaging at high speeds, using a thermal printhead and thermal ribbon.  Codes are clear and easy to read, while the integrity of artwork or design on flexible packaging film is protected and aesthetic quality is preserved.


If thermal transfer ink printing sounds like a good option for your industrial coding needs, Markem-Imaje offers several solutions that are unparalleled in the industry, including our SmartDate X60, X60-128, X40 and X40-IP.  Trust Markem-Imaje for all of your industrial coding and marking needs.

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