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Markem-Imaje Bottle And Can Printing Solutions Help Craft Brewers

9028.jpgMarkem-Imaje Bottle And Can Printing Solutions Help Craft Brewers


Markem-Imaje has become quite well known in the craft beer industry for providing quality coding technologies that meet the specific challenges brewers face.  A lack of space along with limited financial resources and management are common issues among brewers, who prefer to focus on the product quality and mix, branding and other aspects that help them stand apart in a growing industry.


One of the biggest challenges for craft brewers is not having a space that's environmentally controlled, which often results in moisture or condensation developing on cans and bottles.  As anyone could imagine, it isn't easy to print date codes or other data on a slick, moist surface without the codes smearing and becoming illegible.


Back East Brewing's Tony Karlowicz said of the Connecticut-based brewery, "We will spend more up front to get a quality printer as it will last longer.  We value low maintenance and high reliability, so would not buy very low priced products."  Karlowicz said Back East heard about Markem-Imaje helping other craft brewers with printing challenges specific to the industry, and that we had made an effort to understand the needs of Back East Brewing.


Lost Nation Brewing co-owner Allen van Anda said our printers had helped the Vermont-based brewer overcome the challenges they faced in a small working environment.  Lost Nation Brewing, like many other craft breweries, had an issue with legibility due to moisture condensing on the beer cans. van Anda said that in changing the printer and ink, we provided the right solution to overcome the problem.  


There are various coding technologies that are extremely effective in helping craft brewers overcome the unique challenges they face including CIJ printers, laser printing sharp coding of 6- and 12-pack cartons as well as individual bottle labels and more.  Last year Markem-Imaje introduced the 9410 small character continuous inkjet printer at the Craft Brewers Conference. CIJ printing makes it possible to code at nearly any speed on bottles, cans, even cartons while wasting substantially less ink for those who run fewer than two shifts per day - in fact, up to 20% less ink is wasted.


There are reliable bottle and can printing solutions for every challenge those in craft brewing could possibly face.  As a leader in the industrial printing industry and one highly familiar with the issues craft brewers face, we invite you to learn more about Markem-Imaje and our coding technologies.

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