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Direct Product Printing - Inkjet Egg Solution Meets Traceability Needs

9450S-300Wx300H.pngSecured traceability, all the way to your final customer

One of the most popular machines used by egg producers is the Moba brand, equipment essential for processing, coding and packing eggs.  Markem-Imaje has recently debuted a specially configured version of our 9450 inkjet printer, customized especially for egg producers and capable of coding in excess of 250,000 eggs per hour using an eight-track grading machine.  


Egg recalls are fairly common, the most recent being the recall of more than 206 million eggs by Food Lion, Walmart and other grocery chains following a salmonella outbreak.  Traceability is essential in the food industry, particularly when it pertains to widespread illness.  Brands are understandably concerned about protecting their reputations and consumer trust, and coding information that includes best-before dates, farm identification and even logos can help ensure consumers the eggs originate from a trustworthy source.  Direct product printing, such as coding directly on eggs, is also a way of making a brand's product stand apart.


Unlike other coders frequently used to code eggs, the 9450 inkjet printer provides a wide array of features including the ability for producers to monitor operating costs and consumable consumption without downtime on the production line thanks to embedded software.  Additionally, checking printer status, changing cartridges and halting print runs requires less time due to the standard 7-inch color touch screen and its online guiding system.  Companies can control costs and rely on less downtime in production while greatly improving traceability.


Available in North America and Europe, this innovative solution helps prevent potential bacteria contamination, uses ink cartridges that are sealed so there are no worries of spilling, and includes a sensor that's built-in to ensure correct ink and additive cartridge insertion.  With colored inks for use on white or brown eggs and as many as four lines of code, the Markem-Imaje 9450 inkjet printer is the ideal solution for egg producers.


Learn more about this new printing technology for egg coding by contacting Markem-Imaje, a global leader in the industrial coding and marking industry, today.  We provide a wide range of coding systems including CIJ, TTO, laser, thermal inkjet and more for all of your product, case and pallet coding needs.

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