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Children's Carriage - Pushchairs - Strollers - Poussette - Kinderwagens

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Usage of pushchairs/children's carriages/strollers on the STIB/MIVB network.



You can obviously get on our vehicles with a pushchair.

To shed some light and encourage mutual respect:
Strollers can be transported free of charge. We kindly ask users of a foldable stroller to fold it spontaneously at busy times, out of respect for your fellow traveller

When you are in a vehicle with your pushchair, stand to the side, so that other users can pass through. Some platforms are designed to accommodate pushchairs.

On our older trams (those with steps) you can board with your pushchair:

  • if it has a maximal width of 55 cm
  • through the left side of the doors at the front of the vehicule or the right side when you are on a central platform.
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