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Dripping Tap - How to Fix




A dripping tap isn't just annoying; it also has the potential to be really expensive. And we're not just talking about it running up your water bill – it can cause serious property damage, costing about £387 million in insurance claims annually. You can avoid the hassle of repairs and build up your no-claims bonus by keeping your home well maintained.

Like bleeding a radiator, fixing a dripping tap is a really simple skill that every homeowner should learn how to do. Our handy guide will talk you through it, whether this is your first time or you just need a refresher.

What you'll need

Get these things together first and keep them nearby, because you don't want to be running off looking for an important part in the middle of your repair:

  • an adjustable spanner
  • slot and cross-head screwdrivers
  • scissors
  • replacement cartridge or assorted washers and O-rings



Step 1: Turn off the water


Either turn your water off at the stopcock or at the isolation valve – this is usually found on the pipes underneath the sink. Run the tap until there's no more water left.

Turn off the water



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