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HN / HX Series - Maintenance guide

What do you need to know on the maintenance of your HN/HX compressor


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Offering extremely reliable solutions for a wide range of applications, our HX/HN Series oil-free piston compressors help keep your costs in check with low maintenance requirements. HX and HN compressors handle gases such as air, nitrogen, CO/CO2, methane, hydrogen and argon. In addition to standard packages, they can be customized to meet your exact process requirements

Valves - how-to check them?

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Certified oil free

Securing your process with the best possible air and gas quality, oil-free technology meets the stringent ISO Class Zero standard. Oil-free delivery is not only important when gas comes into contact with consumable end products; it also eliminates the adverse effects that oil can have on your processes and equipment.

Compressor operations

Boosting your uninterrupted productivity, HX/HN compressors can work efficiently and cost-effectively under difficult site conditions with minimal maintenance and long overhaul intervals...

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