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The Association has five employment categories:

1. Permanent employees who work a regular 35-hour workweek and maintain continuous regular employment; they are entitled to all employee benefits offered by the Association.

2. Permanent part-time employees who work less than 35 hours per week but maintain continuous regular employment. Benefits will be in accordance with current legislation.

3. Term employees hired for a specific purpose and for a specific length of time only. Term employees are eligible for the following benefits:

 paid statutory holidays during the period of their contract

 employer contribution to CPP and EI as required by law

 vacation pay. employees may choose either 4% vacation pay or vacation leave earned at the rate of 0.833 days per month (i.e. one week’s leave for six months, two weeks’ leave for one year).

Term employees are not eligible for paid sick leave; days not worked will be deducted from their earnings.

4. Casual employees paid by the hour who work on a casual basis as necessary. Benefits will be in accordance with current legislation.

5. Contract The Association may chose to contract an individual to perform specific duties or a specific function outside the Association environment. This person is not to be construed as an employee of the Association, and the Association will make no deductions whatsoever on his/her behalf. The individual must invoice the Association for professional services rendered as per the terms of the contract agreement.

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