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This document will enable you to understand the birthday leave policy at SAP. Employees often contact to understand more about when they can take the day off, how we track it, how to inform their manager and what the quota is per year.


After receiving feedback from the Employee Survey and looking into where we could be more competitive in the market the UKI Management team are very pleased to announce that all UKI SAP employees with an I number will be eligible for an additional day of leave, every year, to be used to celebrate their birthday.

This is a voluntary benefit and so whilst it is hoped that most employees will take advantage of this, the additional day does not have to be used. There is however, no cash equivalent or alternative offered.

This additional day’s leave must be taken either on the day of the employee’s birthday or during the working week during which the birthday falls. If the employees birthday falls on a weekend, the leave must be booked for either the week before or the following week only. Requests made outside of this timeframe will be rejected by the line manager, however please note that you will still be able to view this additional day in the system until the 31st March, at which point it will be removed.

If the additional day’s leave has not been taken by the end of the SAP holiday year (31st March) the day will be removed from the system. The day cannot count as part of the carry forward allowance.

If the employee leaves the company via any termination process up to the date of their birthday, they will not receive a cash equivalent for that year.

This is an annual voluntary benefit and one additional day’s leave will be available each year (in line with the SAP holiday year from 1 Apr to 31 Mar).


Process Steps

To take advantage of this additional day’s leave, the employee must select “Birthday leave” in the Time and Vacation tool on the Employees Services page on the portal and submit this to their manager. The day’s leave must be entered for a date within which the week the birthday falls. In this case, the manager will approve the holiday request workflow in the usual way.

If it is not possible for the birthday to be taken within the parameters above due to critical work reasons and is approved by your Line of Business director, the employee can take the additional day within one calendar month of the date.

What's Next

The next employee survey will allow us to discovery what other days holiday employees would like......

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