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Personal leave is designed and covered by Federal or State Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

It covers Paid Family Leave (PFL), California Family Rights Act (CFRA), and/or ACE’s Short/Long-Term Disability leave policies.

The decision to approve a request for a personal leave of absence is entirely discretionary with your manager and the appropriate Human Resources Business.

Personal leave of absence can be up to three months in duration in a 12-month period and under appropriate circumstances, up to six months in duration.

For further details please review Travis Perkins leave of absence policy in the Employee Manual


What to do next?

Notify your manager of your intentions to take this leave to begin the process and conversation.

Travis Perkins leave administrator, or call  1-866-472-8727 (select menu options 2, 3, 3, 2 in this order) .

You can also file online here: www.dixons.com


Further Information

Travis Perkins is required to first exhaust all paid leave options, such as vacation days, and remainder of the personal leave will be on an unpaid basis.

Travis Perkins will automatically record the time off in the HR/Payroll system, both paid and unpaid.




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