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Edwards Vacuum pump vibration

Introduction to vacuum pumps


Edwards E2M12 vacuum pump rebuild / overhaul / cleanup .....

Many pumps are very similar, including other brands, so this will cover many makes\models. Have a look at this video to understand how Edwards Vacuum pumps differentiate from other ones.


How to fix it and reuse spare parts?

If you intend to reuse the seals/O-Rings/gaskets be very care as to solvent used for cleaning, paint thinner is safe, carburetor spray maybe safe but there was a warning as to seals and O-ring being affected by certain solvents. I had one of the old seals and O-rings soaking in carburetor cleaner, seemed to have no affect. I highly recommend purchasing the minor maintenance kit at minimum, it has all the seals, o-rings, gaskets, springs, filters etc. Vanes can be purchased separately if needed. 
If you have another make/model which has ball bearings which are sealed or shielded , do not use any solvent near them. My unit just has solid bearing surfaces, no ball bearing to worry about. I  am in the habit of replacing ball bearings automatically if the equipment has been well used, has vibration issues or has been contaminated for any length of time. It is not necessary to get the exact bearing brand, but get the same size/type. The bearing info will most likely be stamped on the bearings. Make sure you get the same clearance, most likely "C3", as heat is involved in vacuum pumps. SKF or Japanese brands are good bearings, do not use no-name or Chinese brands. It is not necessary to get them via a vacuum parts supplier, unless you enjoy premium prices, I get most of my bearings off Ebay.

First Step

Tools needed...
hex keys
paper towels, 1 roll
dental pick if you have one
Locktite 242 blue for the Allen bolts, sold at Autozone
Permatex Threadlocker green ( Locktite 290),  only for one of the shaft seals,  AutoZone
Wet/dry 1500 sand paper, 1 full sheet minimum, small piece of 2000,  AutoZone.
1 gallon paint thinner ( if you pump is really dirty), 2 qt minimum, Home Depot .
1 qt Lacquer thinner, a more aggressive cleaner, Home Depot. 
2    14-16 oz spray cans Carburetor cleaner, AutoZone
An old 6203 bearing would be handy to remove/install the outer pump seals, but not required.
Snap ring pliers, a must have tool, as the snap ring in this pump is large/stiff.
A low height plastic container to soak parts.
I skipped gloves, but if your pump is contaminated use them.
Safety glasses due to the carburetor cleaner spray and or contamination.
Download your pump's manual and expanded parts list, both are necessary.
Overhaul kit, either minor for the seals, O-rings, gasket, springs or major with the vanes.
Plastic hammer, a must have tool
Tooth brush  (but not the wife's)

Second Step

Very thin plastic bristle brush to get into small orifices. Pipe cleaners leave lint .
White cloth, old white sheet to work on, to keep dropped parts visible.


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