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The Rebel™ EMP 215ic MIG/Stick/TIG Welder includes MIG technology an exclusive dynamic arc control that constantly monitors complex arc characteristics adapting to your technique to provide a smooth and superior weld. The Rebel features 2 modes: basic and advanced. Basic mode allows you to set wire diameter and material thickness and weld whereas the advanced mode gives you full control over all arc characteristics. Direct access to correct consumable part numbers and user manual on the 4.3 inch LCD screen. Like ALL other multiprocess units on the market this is a DC only machine and will not TIG weld aluminum.



  • sMIG technology
  • 4.3" Color LCD display
  • 110V and 230V dual input voltage
  • Weld parameter storage
  • Trigger lock
  • 4" and 8" spool capable
  • Hot start and Arc Force (Stick mode only)
  • Voltage trim, Inductance, Burn back, Pre-flow/Post-Flow Adjustment Capable (MIG mode only)
  • Lift arc (TIG mode only)


  • Power supply
  • 10' 180A MIG gun
  • 13' 200A electrode holder
  • TIG torch and accessories
  • Argon flow gauge regulator with 12.5' gas hose
  • Ground clamps with leads
  • Spare MIG gun parts kit, including contact tips and drive rolls
  • 120V and 230V adapter plugs
  • Four 6013 stick electrodes
  • 70S-6 .030 2-lb MIG wire sample spool


  • Industrial And General Fabrication
  • Repair And Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural Equipment


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