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Cancer treatment

We cover you for cancer treatment on the DiscoveryCare Oncology programme. Please let us know as soon as you are diagnosed with cancer so that we can register you on the Oncology Programme. This will help you get the most out of your oncology benefits.


Advanced Illness Benefit for advanced cancer

Members with cancer have access to a comprehensive palliative care programme. This programme offers extensive out-of-hospital care for members with cancer at home.

The existing Compassionate Care Benefit provides members, in their final months of life, with access to a defined basket of services such as pain, hydration, general nursing care and supportive care up to an overall benefit limit.

To ensure that members with advanced cancer benefit from optimal palliative care, we have enhanced the existing Compassionate Care Benefit. Members can discuss their options with their treating doctor or oncologist.


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The Advanced Illness Benefit provides members with access to:

GPs specialising in end-of-life care who will assist in coordinating and improving the care of DHMS members on the Advanced Illness Benefit

  • The healthcare provider will facilitate the care through HealthID by use of a Care Plan tailored for the member
  • All medicine, oxygen and surgical requirements prescribed will be delivered via MedXpress when required

Personalised high-touch experience and a defined home-based care programme through Discovery HomeCare

  • Access to personalised care services such as oxygen, wound care, home nursing and pain management for the member
  • Access to counselling services for member and family

A dedicated care coordinator who will:

  • Remain with the member and the family throughout
  • Manage the relationship between the member and the multi-disciplinary team on an ongoing basis ensuring the member receives the best of care


You need to register for the Oncology Benefit

You or your treating doctor can register for the Oncology Benefit. Contact the DiscoveryCare oncology team:

We need a copy of your histology or pathology.


Benefits of the Oncology Programme include:

  • Full cover for approved cancer-related treatment up to a rand amount over a 12-month cycle. Once your treatment costs go over this amount, Discovery Health will pay 80% of the costs of all further treatment and you will need to pay the balance from your pocket. This amount could be more than 20% if your treatment cost is higher than the Discovery Health Rate. This includes cover for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatment prescribed by your cancer specialists.
  • Cover for pathology, radiology, medicine and other cancer-related treatment provided by other healthcare professionals
  • Access to donor searches for bone marrow transplants

Any cancer-related treatment that falls within the Prescribed Minimum Benefits is always covered in full, with no co-payment if you use service providers who we have an agreement with.


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