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Safe Milking

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The most cow-friendly milking with loose milk tubes.


  • For the safety of the cow there are no heavy obstacles under the cow during milking
  • The separate loose milk tubes provide free distance between the teats and minimize the risk of teat cups sucking air caused by incorrect positioning
  • Teat placement is less critical than with any other systems, including traditional milking
  • The milk tube aligning provides optimum position of the teat cups. After each milking, the tubes are rinsed automatically outside and even partly inside during back-flush.

VMS controls milk quality

How does VMS assure good milk quality?

  • The DelPro Farm Manager software monitor board keeps you updated about all the necessities
  • The cow monitor shows in detail conductivity, blood, yield, incomplete milkings all per quarter, and also milking interval, kick-offs, MDi and expected yield versus produced. In addition you can have SCC for the most accurate cell counts.
  • Milk can be diverted automatically based on smart triggers. Milk ends into buckets wherever you want it, for a different purpose or for visual investigation.
  • When milk is diverted  the cow can also be separated automatically for inspection.
  • VMS automatically optimises each cows milking interval with smart-milking permission and cow traffic control. Regular milking interval is one of the most important factors to assuring good udder health and high longevity.
  • Optional is VMS Supra with e.g. Somatic Cell count OCC and VMS Supra+ equipped with Herd Navigator with the farm laboratory which goes far beyond the possibilities for individual cow control.
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