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Robust Design

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The DeLaval VMS is all stainless steel for 24/7 operation.


Robust heavy duty station

DeLaval VMS is a stainless steel construction where the use of plastics has been kept to a minimum. Electro polished, brushed and painted stainless steel is easy to clean and has a long lifetime, thus lowering depreciation costs. VMS is easy to clean thanks also to smooth rounded surfaces. Automatic feeding dispensers for different feed types and liquids are available.

Best cow comfort

The open structure allows the cow to see around her. She stands free in a comfortable position with no gate constructions or side bars to limit her movements. A non-slippery rubber mat lowers pressure on the hooves.


For the safety of the cow there are no bulky parts under the cow during milking. The stainless steel feed manger adjusts automatically to fit each cow's individual length.

Natural cow traffic and high adaptability

The wide entrance and exit gates provide fast and safe traffic with no disturbances caused by other cows in the area. Cows make no sharp turns that could risk hoof health.


DeLaval VMS fits all cow traffic solutions thanks to its compact size and always includes ready controls in the software.

Fits all cow traffic solutions

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