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Teat Preparation

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The VMS teat preparation process is recognized as one of most attractive features of DeLaval VMS. Each teat is individually cleaned with alternating warm water and air, then stimulated, pre-milked and dried before milking.


After take-off only few seconds are needed for optimum teat sanitation which results in high milk quality and good udder health. The totally separated teat preparation cup assures no dirty pre-milk ever makes contact with the main milk line.


Good preparation pays back by:

  • Higher milk flow
  • Short milking time
  • Earlier take-off
  • Ultimately good udder health

10 VMS teat preparation advantages

  1. Independent system separated from milk lines
  2. No pre-milking in the milking teat cups
  3. Proven equally good or even better cleaning result than with manual cleaning
  4. Intensive active skin cleaning (vacuum+water+air)
  5. Proven to lower bacteria counts on teat surface, better than other methods
  6. Special operational modes for cleaning dirty teats
  7. Economical to use, no chemicals needed
  8. No need to replace or disinfect brushes at regular intervals
  9. Perfect stimulation and timing of milk letdown result in shorter milking time and less rest milk
  10. Golden rule “Attach only on clean and dry teats” is well fulfilled.


More cows per VMS in independent Estonian research

Some conclusions from the research:


The major differences occurred in the number of cows per robot, the average was 8.7 more cows per robot in DeLaval VMS than in LELY robot farms.  


There were also significant differences in the milking speeds of different robot types. The speed of the DeLaval robot was on average 1.39 kg/minutes higher than on the LELY robot.


A faster milking speed did not increase the probability of medication; more cows needed medication in the group with the lower milking speed.


Read more about the study (In Estonian and in English)

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